Kris’ Cause


Project Breaking Point is all about one thing. To continue the legacy of one great man who is sadly no longer with us, Dr Philip Stavish. We inspire adventures, we promote health. We make healthy babies.

In 2015, Phil’s Kids, a non-profit organisation, was born. One of Phil’s Kids’ aims is to educate the world about Huntington’s Disease (HD). HD is a genetic degenerative neurological disease that affects the brain and nervous system. There is currently no cure or effective treatment available for HD. However, with major breakthroughs in medicine in recent times, effective drugs to make the disease at least manageable are on the horizon.

Phil’s Kids main aim is to help the current generation in a family be the last generation to have HD. This is done through a procedure known as PGD-IVF. PGD-IVF allows the family at risk or diagnosed to have children who do not carry the HD gene thus breaking the chain in that family line, forever. 

So if you would like to make some babies with us we would love you forever!  Just the smallest donation could make the biggest difference in the life of a new family.

Donate to Phil’s Kids here!

About Kris King

An athlete, coach, race director and motivational speaker.

Kris’s philanthropic efforts over the years have resulted in nominations for a variety of prestigious awards such as the Pride of Britain Award.  Kris dedicates his time to sharing inspiring stories and following his passion for adventure while raising funds for Phil’s Kids.

Kris is no stranger to endurance and adventure.  In 2014 he circumnavigated the coastline of mainland Britain in 36 days either cycling 100 miles or running a marathon every day.  In 2015 he made an attempt at the British record for speed climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and was almost 2hrs ahead of schedule when bad weather put an end to the attempt and almost his life.